Home Business BlissCo Cannabis To Join 130 Licensed Canadian Cannabis Producers

BlissCo Cannabis To Join 130 Licensed Canadian Cannabis Producers

BlissCo Cannabis To Join 130 Licensed Canadian Cannabis Producers
Marijuana plants in soil under indoor grow lights. BlissCo

BlissCo Hopes to Secure Canada License

BlissCo Cannabis, a processor and cannabis grower in Langley, is gearing up to join around 130 licensed cannabis Canadian producers. On October 30, the company welcomed the media for a tour of its 12,000 square foot production facility.

It was set in a sand-colored, unmarked unit of an industrial complex in the Golden Ears Bride neighborhood. The BlissCo tour included visits to its grow and harvest rooms as well as its 900 square foot vault. In this vault the sorting, packaging, labeling, and storing of dried cannabis flower takes place. While the company is ramping up to produce a high-quality cannabis, it faces uncertainties in the legalized market.

Some of the issues that the Canadian cannabis market is facing at this juncture are patchy distribution networks, confusion over the overall demand for cannabis, and the number of legal competitors currently operating in the market.

While discussing the significance of the huge storage vault, the CEO of BlissCo Damian Kettlewell said that the steel and concrete vault bought in August 2017 is eight inches thick. Prior to that, it served as a cash transfer station in downtown Vancouver for HSBC. At present, the company holds a license to run and grow cannabis processing business.

But BlissCo CEO stated that they are hoping to receive the sales license from Health Canada in the current month. Kettlewell said, “It’s a seven- to 20-month process to earn your sales license. It’s a full-on intensive process.”The CEO stated that the company plans to offer dried cannabis directly to the patients in need of it. However, BlissCo is also gearing up to make its foray into the recreational market. The company plans to offer “value-added” products like edibles, oils, and pre-rolled joints. Incidentally, the Canadian government is planning to legalize it in 2019.

BlissCo Pursuing European Export Business

The Canadian company plans to make its entry in the European export business very soon. With eight full-time staff and six contractors, the CEO believes that they can increase the number to 35 if all goes well business-wise.  BlissCo plans to process around 2,300 kilograms of marijuana in its first year. Right now the company can only grow 300 kg as BlissCo is faces space restrictions. However, they are planning to balance it by purchasing from Ontario’s GreenSeal Cannabis Company, and the Supreme Cannabis Company.

At present, the company uses only a portion of BlissCo facility for growing cannabis. Some producers maintain hundreds and thousands of square feet space for maintaining growing operations. As compared to that the space for growing at Blissco is very small. However, Kettlewell stated that the company has a specific vision for the type of products and its quality they will supply. She hopes that the company will be able to establish a distinct identity for itself in the crowded cannabis industry of Canada.

Kettlewell further added that the challenge for the company is to make a mark in the medical marijuana sector. Entry into this sector is quite difficult as many LPs may rush to divert supply to the recreational market after legalization next year.