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Wein-Bauer To Distribute Sipp’s Hemp-Infused Beer

Sipp Hemp-Infused Beer
Sipp Hemp-Infused Beer

Leveraging Existing Networks

Wein-Bauer, Inc. is the official distributor of Sipp industries’ premium beer Major Hemp H-IPA. The company announced that it had signed a distribution agreement. In the agreement, Wein-Bauer, Inc. will be tasked with the marketing and distribution of the premium beer across Chicago.

Sipp Industries is looking to leverage on Wein-Bauer, Inc.’s infrastructure and rich network of bars and restaurants across Chicago. The new partners are working on a marketing and distribution strategy for the wildly competitive Chicago market.

Chicago residents’ reputation for beer drinking has attracted over one hundred breweries with thousands of drinking joints across the city. Because of the level of competition, Sipp Industries is contemplating hiring a new sales Director to work hand in hand with Wein-Bauer, Inc.’s team.

With a rich network of clients and brokers, Wein-Bauer, Inc. stands out as the ideal distribution partner for Sipp Industries. Speaking about the agreement, Ted Jorgensen, President of Major Hemp– a hemp-based subsidiary of Sipp Industries- notes that, “We are thrilled to partner with Wein-Bauer, Inc. to distribute Major Hemp H-IPA. They have numerous key relationships with large, well-known retailers, restaurants, pubs and establishments where our hemp beer will be a perfect fit.”

The Brewer

Sipp Industries partnered with Church Street Brewing Company under which the latter will be tasked with the production of Sipp’s second hemp-flavored beer “We are pleased to have formed this partnership with The Church Street Brewing Company whom will help us expand our product offering as well as market foot print,” Sipp Industries representative.

Sipp Industries, through Major Hemp-H-IPA, conducted a successful launch of the beer in October. The launch took place after the company was granted Certificate of Label Approval (COLA).

The COLA certification marked the final stage of regulatory compliance. “We are very excited to receive COLA approval from the TTB and thrilled that cans of Major Hemp H-IPA will be available next week. It has been a long journey, one filled with a variety of regulatory hurdles, but we have now crossed the most important bridge,” Jorgensen said in a statement.

The company received remarkable feedback from patrons who sampled the beer during the launch event. The company hopes that the beer will become an instant hit in the market. Because of that anticipation, Sipp is preparing to brew another batch so Wein-Bauer does not run short of inventory.


Finally, Sipp Industries’ operations are expanding exponentially and the company is securing credit to facilitate the expansion. Accordingly, the company has negotiated a $500,000 line of credit from consumer product’s manufacturer, Wanderport Corporation.

Sipp Industries agreed to a convertible note that will cushion them until it can secure more funds. According to the credit agreement, line credit shall be limited to “beverage development, production, sales and marketing.”