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Bravatek Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:BVTK) Announces Another Deal

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Bravatek Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:BVTK)

Who wouldn’t like to look at their monthly statement and see shares listed in the tens, or hundreds, of thousands under the “quantity” heading? Might make you feel like George Soros or Warren Buffet? Take a look at Bravatek Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:BVTK). Aside from being a nifty Austin, TX-based tech company with a plan, you can buy one million shares for about $1,000 plus commissions! Want to impress your friends? Leave a copy of their annual report on the floor and if someone picks it up say “Oh, yeah. Leave that on my desk. I own a million shares and have to review their financials”. And before you can say “Shark Tank”, your friends will now see you as a legit, savvy Wall St player. Deceptive? Dishonest? Misleading? Where I come from, if you can prove it, it ain’t bragging.

But Bravatek Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:BVTK) does have some good things going for it. They are in a really hot space – cyber security. When was the last time a big-time hacking event wasn’t on the evening news? They occur more often than a Washington politician tells the truth. Bravatek features a service branded Ecrypt One. [Ok, so these boys get zero points for creativity – no mind.] Ecrypt One is a software that companies install on their email server to help them stop cyber-attacks, but the software is reportedly nimble and user-friendly enough to not interfere with productivity concerns that sometimes plague other cyber security solutions. Last July, Bravatek Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:BVTK) even got a deal with the granddaddy of cloud-based service platforms –  Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS customers now have the option to buy Ecrypt One after a 30-day free trial. Additionally, last week Bravatek cut a big deal with a company named Enterprise Sentinel. In this deal Bravatek Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:BVTK) is getting access to distribute Enterprise Sentinel’s DynaMatrics – a multi-factor authentication (MFA) solution. If this sounds too techy for you, MFA is all about ensuring that the person accessing an account is the person authorized to access that account. Right now, with all those hackers out there, financial institutions are stepping up their MFA requirements so that one day you won’t log-in and see all your money has been wired to some self-anointed Prince with a last name you can’t pronounce.

Truth be told, Bravatek Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:BVTK) shares have seen better days. If you had bought BVTK a few years ago you likely would not have enough left to buy a mustard packet for your $10 hot dog at the baseball game. But the company continues to move forward and make news – as you have read above. “Alive and kicking” as they say in Texas. And where else can you buy one million shares of a cool sounding tech stock for $1,000?

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About the author: Liam Walker is a retired civil engineer with a passion for stock analysis. Living in Helena, MT, Liam splits his time between tying flies for his fly-fishing passion and discovering stocks that normally go un-noticed.